About UIT


Unival Institute of Technology is a subsidiary of Unival Infotech Limited, the institute has received approval from the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE) to run National Innovation Diploma courses in relevant departments. 

NBTE is the agency of the Federal Ministry of Education saddled with the task of accrediting, licensing and supervision of Polytechnics, Monotechnics, Colleges of Education and IEIs.


It was founded to address the clamor for alternative higher education which is tailored to meet the "skill-based" needs of the modern professional world. 

UIT is also poised to fill the yawning gap between the hopes and aspirations of Nigerian youths and students who do not have access to university education and the almost total lack of opportunities to achieve these aspirations.


The concept was that of a hands-on approach to skill acquisition of the highest quality with a view to improving the lives of aspiring youths and adults who had missed out on education to achieve to achieve their potentials in life.


The Institute is poised at developing academic programmes in such a manner that ensures effective learning and that students are well trained in line with the relevant authorizing bodies’ curriculum i.e. NBTE. This is to enable them perform well at all times to meet the ever increasing needs of the economy.


As a result, the school is currently structured to accommodate major Departments. Viz; Department of Computer Hardware Engineering (NID), Department of Computer Software Engineering (NID) and Department of Computer Studies (NVC).  Others are Pre National Diploma in Business administration and management, Public administration, Accountancy, Marketing as well as Banking and finance.



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